Our neck!


our neckOk, have you done “Our feet!“?  Well, here goes another one we can do sitting down. The recliner won’t do so well this time, though. It will do more good sitting in an upright position.

Now, sit straight up, looking directly ahead with your shoulders down. Slowly turn your head (not the rest of your body, just your head) to your right until you are looking directly to your right. Now, hold that position for a few seconds. Then slowly turn your head back forward.

Next, do the same, except towards your left. Remember, slowly. When you turned as far as you can, just hold it for a few seconds, then slowly turn back forward again.

Repeat each side a few times.

This works wonders for mobility, keeps you from getting a stiff neck!


Now, lets stretch it out. It works wonders for those kinks!

Again, sitting upright, looking straight ahead, shoulders down. If you catch yourself wanting to lift your shoulders doing this, you may want to hold your should down with your opposite hand.

Now, slowly tilt your head over to your right, hold it for a few seconds, then lift your head back where it started.

Repeat to your left, tilting your head over to the left, hold for a few seconds, then lift your head back where it started.

Repeat each side a few times.


Alright! I think we may have heard a few crackles going on. Again, if ever you are subjected to pain, go see your doctor to have it checked out. Otherwise, do these exercises a few times a week and hopefully you’ll feel less tension in your neck and overall, feel better.


Patty Mc


  1. Very good advice and I quite often suffer from a sore neck which leads to headaches.
    I’m going to try these exercises as they sound very easy to do. How many times a day do you recommend to do them?

    • Thank you! It seems, a lot of times, it’s the basic things that we forget! I will do the neck exercise anytime it feels tight! But as a norm, twice a day is what I do! Pop back by sometime, I have a couple of more head/neck workouts that I will be adding. In the meantime, good luck getting rid of those headaches! I hope this helps! And thank you for coming by! 🙂

  2. I really needed these. I have migraines and when I did these the tension left my neck and it feels so much better. I am going to make these part of my morning routine Thanks!

    • Oh my gosh, I am so happy it helped!! I am sorry about those migraines, tho!! But until doctors can help you, I do hope you find these exercises help!! You are going to make me look into more workouts that can help migraines! You take good care and check back to see of any future findings! 🙂

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