relax in hammockSeriously, we all need to find and MAKE time to RELAX! Relaxation is very important to our well-being and health, not to mention our sanity! But keep in mind, I said to relax… not be lazy. lol

We all need some downtime. Going in high gear constantly, can be invigorating, but it also can seriously wipe you out!! You’ve gotta take a little time now and then to re-charge your batteries! Even the Energizer bunny can’t keep going but so long. lol


There are many different things that we can do, but what, depends on our personal preferences. For what can be relaxing to some can mean just the opposite for someone else. Thing it, have YOU time, even if you need to “block” a time-frame for your time-out.


Let’s try a few…


Read and Relax!Reading! To some it could be a novel, to some a magazine, and for others it is a newspaper. First off, grab your favorite drink, be it coffee, soda, or something else. Then find a comfy spot that you just plain feel good in. Kick up your feet, if that’s what you like, curl up in your favorite chair over there in the corner, or sit at the table, if that’s what you’d prefer… and get your favorite reading material and just engross yourself in it.

Now, a note… particularly to moms… When I had children growing up in the house, yes, I called the bathroom “my library”. lol (I actually kept a stack of magazines in there!) Hey, it was one place that I could claim some privacy and have a bit of peace and quiet. lol

Now, here is a note to add… many people these days don’t rely on magazines and books. They like their cell phone! Ok, that may give you your quick fix, but it really isn’t the same. Don’t believe me? Pick up a magazine sometime! Or better yet, pick up a real book/novel! You really WILL see a difference! Ah, or maybe a Kindle will do! ๐Ÿ™‚


Relaxing Bath!

relaxing bath

Oh, speaking of the bathroom, another place to RELAX is a BATH! Ok, who couldn’t relax in a bathroom like in the picture! But we have to make do and it can feel just as wonderful!

One of my favorite things is to run a nice warm/hot bath… use lots of bubbles… light some candles or use a soft light and turn off that bright ceiling light! Bring a radio in and set it up with some nice comforting music. If you have a bath pillow use it. If not, if you’re like me, I’m sure you can get comfortable anyway. And then do one of two things… either lay back, close your eyes and just enjoy the music… or get that novel you’ve been working on and lay back and read that! (And this is where one of those neat battery powered book lights come in handy!)


Jacuzzi Time!

Relaxing in the jacuzziOk, while I seem to be in the bathing mode, lets go to a hot tub or a jacuzzi! If you have one, Yay for you!! I USED to have one and I LOVED it! Just sayin’, mine was setup on a deck in the middle of my backyard. I erected a gazebo around it, one with curtains that I kept open during the day and if I used it at night, I closed them. There were those little patio string lights hanging in the ceiling giving a soft glow. And of course, I had my radio out there playing my favorite soft tunes. Depending on my mood, I’d have a bottle of water or I may would have a daiquiri or a glass of wine, and sit back, close my eyes with the water churning around me… soft lights, music playing… ahh, yes.. relaxation! Yep, I really miss my jacuzzi! lol So if you have one, please, enjoy it for me, too! ๐Ÿ™‚


Take a Walk!

walking to relaxAlright, well, let’s liven things up a bit and lets get physical! Do you have a bit of trouble walking? Grab your walking stick! If not, you’re good to go! If you’re in a wheelchair, let’s get those wheels rollin’! Where to? Depends on what’s around you, just let’s go out and about!

Nature hike! Walk around downtown! Walk in your neighborhood! Now, I’m not talking about a power-walk, don’t worry. lol We are doing this for enjoyment! Go at your own pace! Just get out there, breathe the fresh air! Enjoy the beauty! Do you see people? Smile and speak! Do you see trees and plants instead? Smile and tell nature how beautiful it is! Just take it in and enjoy it!


Play With Your Dog!

Relax with your pupPlay with your dog! I have had quite a few dogs in my life, and they never gave me anything but joy! Granted, there may be the occasional wet spot, but think about all of the love and joy they give you and those wet spots are nothing! And when you play with your dog,ย  you can’t help but feel good! No matter if it’s playing fetch, taking him/her for a walk,ย  or just sit down on the ground or the floor and just play! Instant feel-good! For both you AND your pup!ย And when you’re both worn out and tired, get in a comfortable spot and just relax with your dog. ๐Ÿ™‚


Make Music!

Make musicAre you musically inclined and have an instrument to play? What is it? A Piano? A Guitar? A Banjo? Drums? Harmonica? A Penny Whistle? Whatever it is, play it!

My piano has always been a major destresser for me! My favorite time to play was when I was home alone (and I just kinda blocked out the fact that I had neighbors lol) and I’d just close my eyes, take a deep breath and slowly blow it out… and start playing. Ok, this may be the time I opened my eyes, unless it was one of the few songs I could play without looking. lol But my goodness, it’s relaxing. And rewarding, too! And the more I relaxed (played) the better I got at it! Win/win! ๐Ÿ™‚


Play With Those Children!

Playing with children is relaxing and funStop whatever it is that you’re doing, sit down in the floor and play with your kids/grandchildren! Shucks, borrow the neighbor’s kids for a while (with permission, of course! lol)

Projects (like in the picture) are always fun with children and helps to develop their creativity! But if you don’t have a project handy, come up with something! Or better yet, have THEM come up with something! Kid are never short on ideas!

Summertime, get out the hose and have some fun with it, or make some water balloons or get out some water guns! Indoors, get out the coloring books and playdough! My daughter has a toddler and for his birthday she gave him playdough! I think she was more excited with it than he was! lol Yes, they may be kid games, but we like having fun, too! Release your inner-child! ๐Ÿ˜€



GardeningDo you have a green thumb? Then use it! If not, are you interested in developing it? Then do it! If you are the country gardener type, you probably already enjoy getting your hands dirty and growing things to eat! If you are like me, and don’t have the physical stamina to work that large of a garden, why not use flower pots, I do! If you’re into flowers, think of how lovely they will be around and inside your house! If you like veggies, think of how delicious fresh vegetables will be and just knowing you raised them yourself feels good! There is a relaxing joy in working with your hands and raise plants!

Bonus tip: This, too, is an excellent activity to do with children! They find it fun and they are learning something, too! ๐Ÿ™‚



craftingDo you like working with your hands and have a creative mind? Then you already know the enjoyment you get from making things, and it is an excellent way to relax! You can find many ideas and also how-tos on the internet. Try YouTube and Pinterest for loads of ideas! And don’t forget about crocheting, knitting and sewing!


Drawing and Painting!

drawing and paintingWhen I was pregnant (granted, that was a long time ago lol), to relax, I sketched. It was so relaxing to me. And it’s one of those things you always have inside you to do! So, keep your sketch book and pencils handy to pick up anytime you’re feeling inspired! And for the painters, have your easel and paints in a convenient location to do the same! And if you don’t already do it, if it tickles your fancy, give it a try!



woodworkingAre you good with using power tools and saws? There are loads of woodworking ideas! Some of my favorites were doing yard decorations that can vary from seasonal to year-round! My all-time favorite site for patterns was always The Winfield Collection. And if you live in or near Linden, Michigan, you’re in for an even bigger treat with their showroom store right there! If not, you can still shop there online or get on their mailing list and order via the phone! So get out your saws, get your safety goggles on and let’s create something! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am seriously thinking about starting a website just on this! ๐Ÿ™‚


The skyย  is the limit!

Open your mind to all of the possibilities of things you enjoy or may enjoy, then do them! The sky is the limit! ๐Ÿ™‚

The sky is the limit







Patty Mc

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