Aches and Pain Relief!

I’ve been playing with the idea of starting this post for aches and pain relief, and today I came across an article that I couldn’t wait to share!

We all get aches & pains from time to time and sometimes they can really be frustrating. Well, this week has been one of those weeks for me and I decided that I either need to see a doctor or do some research for something I can try myself at home first. And since I’m not particularly fond of going to the doctor unless absolutely necessary, I got on my computer and got to work. My problem, well, one in particular, I determined, is a pinched nerve. Sometimes it doesn’t bother me much, and other times it can be a sharp pain that moves down my leg into my foot, and there are times it is a numb, tingling feeling all the way down.

Well, while I was searching today, I found this article on healthline! All of the ways they described it, is what I’ve been experiencing. I, immediately, laid down in the floor and tried their stretch exercise to give relief and it worked! That’s when I decided I just HAD to share it with you. They also had some other tips to do as well, such as alternating icepacks with heat, which I will be trying if it continues. And they also have several more tips to adapt into your daily routine, such as practicing good posture and take walking and sitting breaks (both) throughout the day, to help combat pinching those nerves!


Keep a watch, I’ll be posting more things as I find them!


Update, a month later after doing the stretch exercise mentioned before, it seriously was awesome. Since then, I’ve only had to do it one other time. This exercise is definitely on my list! 🙂




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