Good and Bad Days!

5/18/2019 ~ Today, I am gonna air-off about my good and bad days.

good or bad

Some days I feel really good, then there are others I can hardly move without extreme pain.


I have found the days I can hardly move, and I know I did one of two things. I either over-exerted myself yesterday or I realize I have neglected to do my regular workout routine. Seriously, it does make a difference. When I feel that way, I think to myself, “ok, what did I do yesterday?” When it’s pretty apparent that I majorly over-exerted myself physically yesterday, ok, that’s probably why and I need a day of rest. (This is the day to do one of the “Relax!” suggestions. Then there are other days, no, I can’t think of anything I out-did myself with, so I think… then I realize… ok, I haven’t done my exercises in a few days. That is when you will catch me doing some squats and stretches, neck exercises, everything I have time to put into a few minutes! Afterwards…hmm.. actually, I am feeling a bit better! Then that makes me want to do more! Bingo! I NEED to stick with my workout routine!


Today was one of those days. I woke up, I hurt worse all over than usual, and I wondered why. Yes, I DID over-exert myself for the last 3 days. Between assembling my new desk, which is a MAJOR project and I’m not done yet… gardening (can’t ignore my plants) and trying to keep my house together… ok, I over did it a bit, but it couldn’t be helped. We’ve all had those days. Then I wondered to myself, what can I do to feel better other than having a major lazy day? (Which was tempting, but I still had far too much to do to have one of those yet.) And it hit me, I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been exercising any. I may have been “busy”, but the movements aren’t the same. At that moment, I stopped what I was doing and I started doing some squats, leg lifts, leg stretches, leaning exercises (ooh… I haven’t put those on here yet, I really need to do so!) Once I did those, I felt invigorated and was ready to get to work! Ok, maybe a little reluctantly, but I was more ready for it than I was before! lol


So, really, just sayin’… when you are feeling out of sorts, think about it! ?

Patty Mc

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