An enlightenment!

January 31, 2020 ~ Today I want to share an enlightenment.

I have noticed, more and more, I am walking without the aid of my Gandalf stick (walking stick). I used to never leave home without it, be it the grocery store or the dollar general. But now, I rarely take it with me unless I know there will be major walking. What happened to make this difference? Well, I do my workouts regularly, but, honestly, I have to give my grandson (now 3 years old) most of the credit.


He comes to visit quite often, and as he’s gotten older, he loves outdoor time and I love to give it to him. And with that, he loves for me to walk with him. He would come take my hand to walk hand-in-hand around my back yard. I loved it, what grandma wouldn’t! Granted, when we would come to a tree, I would stop beside it, placing my hand on it, talking to him about it. (Honestly, a big part of me was buying myself some rest and recoup time. lol) But, we also took it for educational time. And then we would continue on. When we made a round around the yard and was back to the steps (or stoop) I told him that Memaw needs a time-out to rest a bit. Then he would make his rounds on his own, then come pick me back up when he came back by. By then, all was good and I was ready to go again.


That was when he was a small toddler. Now he is a big boy of 3 and wanting bigger adventures. So, off we will go beyond my backyard to walk around the farm and along the edge of the woods. Our first outing, it wasn’t long until I showed him how to find a walking stick in the woods to help (particularly Memaw lol). After that, I made sure to carry my Gandalf stick on these outings. It makes a MUCH easier and pleasant walk for me and a longer walk for my grandson to enjoy. And when we stop for a photo shoot, it makes for a cute prop. 🙂



He really loves these outings as much as I do. Every time we talk on the phone, he talks about “our adventures next time!”


So, with that, I’m just sayin’, when you think you can’t, think of a reason why you should! Then go for it! You really may be surprised with the results!


As for me, I’m sayin’… “Bring on the adventures!” 🙂




Patty Mc

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