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MY STORY (ok, not my LIFE story, you don’t want to hear all of that..lol But my story leading up to my obsession of finding a way to exercise)


PattyHi! My name is Patty and welcome to my website, Workouts I Can Do! I guess you can say that I started an interest in this out of my own, personal frustrations.



muscle womanWay once upon a time, I used to lift weights and run 9 miles a day, swim hard laps in the pool every day… and then life happened. Work that I did put some rather permanent aches and pain in my body. Ok, that’s normal, right? Then accompanying my mom on her doctor visits, I found out that I inherited my ‘gimp’ from her. So, does that mean future hip replacements for me, too?


walking stickThen to top it off, I took a couple of bad falls in past few years, resulting in a very weak foot, bad knee and bad hip, oh yes, and a bad back, which means I needed the assistance of a walking stick or I would definitely take some falls, which I learned that the hard way.


frustrationThen, of course, it happened. I took notice I was seriously getting out of shape, it hurt to move. I guess my muscles were turning to mush for not using them? So I tried lifting weights again… that was a total fail. Try running again? shucks, I could barely walk, let alone run, and forget the speed-walking, too. Swimming, I wish. That would probably be actually doable and work, however, I no longer had the water access. (If you do, yay you! do it!) Well, lets do some exercises then, I have a bunch of workout videos in my closet! Oh my gosh! I couldn’t BEGIN to keep up!!



I just started thinking… I know I’m not the only one in this spot, there must be many people like me, I’m not that unusual. lol Oh yes, and let’s not forget the inevitable that I’m considerably older than I used to be. hmm.. I don’t like using age as a downfall because it’s just not. I may have to do things differently than when I was 20, but my age is definitely NOT a downfall. Afterall, I am older and wiser! And believe me, I thank the good Lord for every single candle I get to add to my cake each year! But, when I was doing my testing of exercising, there were some days (ok, most days) I just couldn’t stay on my feet long enough to do them, then that made me think about the people who are confined to a chair, maybe even a bed! For goodness sake, there must be something we all can do to help us look and most of all FEEL better!


searchingSo, thus began my search!





simple daisyI created this website with a compilation  of simple exercises that I have used and am still using. Not only do they work, these are exercises I can do at home!


There are simple exercises for seniors and exercises for the physically impaired, starting off with simple foot exercises, with a buildup of exercises directed to other parts of your body.


You will also find some exercises for chair-bound or wheelchair-bound, focusing only on your upper body or lower body!


All of the exercises are to help you build up tone, strength, endurance and mobility. They can be done simply, in small doses, and increase as your strength and endurance increases, simply just adding more repetitions or progressing to one of the stronger exercises.


I do suggest that, even moving on in the exercises, don’t stop doing the earlier ones. Keep them a part of your routine and just add more to your routine as you are ready.


I have tried to make them all easy to find, each one labeled as to what part of your body it is dedicated to. Just go to the lesson tab at the top and you can either hover over the tab and get a drop-down list, or you can click on the tab and a page will open up with the list on it. Either way, you can see a description of the exercises and clicking on the exercise will take you straight to the page.


If you haven’t already, please read the post “Please, read upon entering”, which contains important information about me and this site. Then move on over to the “Lessons” tab and start with “First Things First!” and you will find, pretty much, a check-off sheet of things to do for preparation. Nothing major, but none the less, very important. You can then move on to the exercises.


Just remember, safety first! That is the #1 rule I apply to absolutely everything!



helpingWhy… it’s just always what I’ve always done. I mean, that’s what we’re supposed to do, help each other, right? If we all help each other to become a better and happier version of ourselves, we can be happier with ourselves because we helped someone else to be happier! Isn’t that a win/win?


inspiration rocksI would like to empower people to have the courage to try. Just try. All of us!! Afterall, that’s all we can do! Then feel better and be happier with ourselves because WE ARE TRYING!! WE CAN DO THIS!! 🙂




giftIf you ever need a hand, have any questions, or even a comment, feel free to leave them in a comment box or send me an email and I will be happy to help you out the best that I can.

Oh, and be sure to save my website in your favorites so you can come back to visit again! 🙂


Founder/Owner of Workouts I Can Do

website:  workoutsicando.com

email:  patty@workoutsicando.com

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