Adding insult to injury

Ok, this has been a doozy of a year… I’ll chalk it up to being 2020…. the year of covid 19, aka the china virus… the year of paper shortage (yes, we all know that includes toilet paper)… quarantine where we cannot see our loved ones… the year of face masks… the year I shattered my shoulder… the year that I was found with melanoma in my leg… the year the Dems went whacko and got freaking stupid and started burning down buildings/business, tearing down statues, actually killing innocent people (all during the time of no gathering in large groups and public distancing)… TRYING to impeach our president (repeatedly)…  and now, to add insult to injury, the year I got a serious water burn on my torso! May this year, PLEASE, get no worse.


Ok, looking at it like that, my personal problems may have not been as bad, compared to the situation our country is in. But all the same, this is MY life, and it hurts. And it still stands… please, may this year get no worse.



Ok…. fine… it’s now 2021, January 11. I had this post saved from when I wrote it this past year. Yea, I still feel it. So I am still gonna post it. I have a feeling most will resonate the feeling. May God help us all in 2021.

Patty Mc

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