As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to help people. If not physically help them, I’ve wanted to help them to feel better.


Growing up, I was more of a listener than a talker. My friends came to me and talked to me about things, about their problems, even people that I didn’t even know, did the same. They said they found it easy to speak with me, that they felt compelled. Even people who seemed to be “grumpy”, hard to get along with, angry… I found them soon softening up and opening up to me and I found these people so sweet and endearing. Throughout my life, it’s been suggested to me to make a living by being a counselor, a therapist, the next Dear Abby. But I don’t know how to make a living with something that is just me.


Once upon a time, when home computers became a thing, I initially got my first one because my children just entered grade school and they were actually being introduced to them (this was the first generation computer kids). I knew enough to know that with my children on the internet, I wanted to be saavy enough to keep an eye out for their safety.


So I got my first computer and delved in head-first. I first learned how to run searches, send emails and play games. Yea, the fun stuff. lol Then I learned how to work in a computer in dos mode with programming, I learned all about the hardware, re-building my first computer to the max then designing and building my second computer. And I learned all about the software. It was during this time I also learned how to build and design websites. And if I say so myself, my websites were more attractive and ran better than most I visited. From design, layout, background music, they were great. And yea, that was even MORE fun stuff. 🙂


Granted, my websites were all “private”. I had a site for family only, then I made websites for each of my children’s individual school classes and sports groups. I was careful to have them protected and private for those that I invited only. I also made sure to get permission from parents before certain pictures were posted and inviting them and their children to them. I was careful to make sure parents were aware of everything and could rest easy knowing everything was kept within our group. And of course, never were any children’s name spoken nor location, just to be on the safe side.


Now, with all of our children being introduced to computers in school, they were anxious to “socialize” online. So, I made private websites geared towards the children, where they could get help with school work, have fun with learning activities and games, and could “chat” among themselves. Again, all being strictly private so that no outsider could get in among them, yet all parents always had access and could monitor themselves what was going on. And I knew and could verify each and every person who went there.


Then over a number of years, I did all of my own trouble shooting and computer repairs, as well as for my family and friends. I found it challenging and fun.


Then life got busier and my children got older. The site that hosted all of my websites shut down. And I drifted away from my “computer work” for some time. Some time? Ok, for years.


Flash forward. My children are not only out of school, they are grown and married with with children. And my life, it has changed so many times and I’m finding myself starting life over, yet again.


Have you had a life-changing moment? Are you like me and actually had several?? I’ve had so many lives, I’m starting to feel like a cat. lol My lives have been many, yet some root things have stayed in tact, such as my love for my children, my family, my love for helping people (especially those who need it most), and my love for computers. Eh, I can’t really say my relationship with computers is “love”, however, I do find much enjoyment from them.


And here I am with my first website in over 10 years. And what do I want to do with it? I want to help YOU. I want to help you feel better about yourself, I want you to be healthier, happier and I want you to feel empowered! Yes! That is what I want for you!


Sometimes life can really throw us some curve balls. We can be on top of the world one moment, then feel the walls crashing around us another. No matter what the circumstances are… a job change, career change, losing your car, your home, a divorce, losing a loved one, a financial crisis, a health crisis, aging and feeling it… No matter what it may be, they all have one thing in common… you can NOT give up!


Wake each morning with the mind-set that you have another chance. Forget yesterday and the day before, they are in the past. The future starts here and now, each and every morning, so make it the best that it can be! At the end of the day, if things did not turn out how you planned, go on to bed, clear and rest your mind, because tomorrow is a new day, a chance to start over and try again!


Always strive to learn new things! Take up a new hobby, brush up on an old one! Call an old friend you haven’t talked with in what feels like forever! Start a new exercise routine! Plan that cookout with your family that you kept putting off! Go through your financial stuff and work out a solid plan! Recruit some help if you need it! Needing a job? Review your resume and see how you can tweak it and get it out there!


Remember… positive mind-set! Take a deep breath and then breathe! You can do this! The best person to Help you is YOU! Look inside yourself, find it and grab hold! Just Put one foot in front of the other! And take it One day at a time!


Patty Mc

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