Our Brain!

Give Your Brain a Workout!

Our BrainEvery part of our body needs a good workout! And our mind and brain is no different! You may ask “But HOW do we exercise our brain?” That’s easy… just like everything else, you USE it!

When we cook, we are using our brains. Thinking about what to make, what ingredients are needed, what measurements to use, what temperature to cook it on, how long does it cook, etc, etc.

When we sew, do cross-stitch, crochet, knit, paint… we use our brain. What project am I going to work on, what colors will I use, what pattern do I want to do this in, etc, etc.

Even when we do laundry, we are sorting colors, fabric, can it go in the clothes dryer or does it need to hang dry?!


The Fog!

feeling in a fogUsing our brain, our mind, is a big reason why people will tell others who are retiring, not to quit working! Why not? Because possibly out of exhaustion from working so long and so hard, people will easily slip into being idle. And the longer one sits idle, the harder it becomes to get that motor started and those gears going again.

You might say, “Yea, but I’ll stay busy enough with the regular housework.” Not necessarily. Too many of the “regular housework” routines are just that… routine. You’ve done it so many times for so long, you can do it in your sleep. It’s just not the same thing. And you’ll find yourself going around your house, doing these things, but in a zombie-like manner, like you’re in a fog. Granted, you are using your body, but you’re NOT using your mind. And we NEED to exercise our mind, as well as our body! Also, keep in mind, I do believe that exercising your mind helps ward off Dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Take up a hobby!

HobbiesTake up a hobby, be it an old one or new! As I mentioned before… sewing, cross-stitching, crocheting, knitting, painting… we USE our mind when we do these things! These are creative activities, which sparks our brain!  Cooking… it may can be routine, however, it’s an activity which we need to be AWARE, which means we are using our mind to do it!

A lot of people do already have hobbies, which makes it easy to think of something. It could be one of the above, or it may be something else. Let’s add a few more things to our list, shall we? There is playing a musical instrument (for me, it’s a piano), restoring old cars (for the mechanics out there), woodworking (another of my hobbies), crafting… as you can see, the list goes on and on! There is no limit, it is as broad as your imagination!


Huh?However, many people concentrated on their work, their careers for so long, they never had the time to develop any hobbies, therefore they are like a fish out of water. These people may have to think a little harder or longer to make up a list, and they may need to take a few lessons or do some self-training, understand it’s all good! The thing is to DO it! 🙂

Make It Simple!

There may be some times you really don’t have that much energy or may be a little under the weather and looking for something more simple. That’s all good, too!

paperback puzzleReading is an excellent example of an easier activity yet good for the brain! And it’s portable, too! Wherever you go, it can go with you!

Another excellent example of an easier activity that is portable, are crossword puzzles! You’re working your brain a little harder for crossword puzzles than reading, but it’s still relaxing and enjoyable! A win/win! Word-search puzzles are fun, as well!


board puzzlesPuzzles! Yes, I’m talking about regular jigsaw puzzles like we did when we were kids! Except now, take notice in the puzzle aisle in the store… there are so many that are very appealing to adults! One of my daughters is a big fan of puzzles to relax with after work. She had done some beautiful ones! And when she’s done, she will glue the pieces together, shellac them and frame them to hang on the walls in her home! She has also taken it a step further and had photographs made into puzzles and done the same for display! Beautiful!


And one I rarely see anymore, solitaire! You may have played it as a kid, but have you played it since? Got a pack of simple playing cards? Let’s get ’em out! Can’t quite remember how to play? Find the rules here.


computer gaming

Oh, and for those who like to have some fun sitting at your computer, there are some excellent game sites online that cost ZERO money! My all-time favorite game site, I’ve been a member of for 12+ years (it changed hands one time some years back, but even tho the name changed, the games stayed the same.) And that is at royal games.

There are more games than you can imagine and of all different types. There are puzzle games, action games, word games, card games, strategy games and sports. You like to play alone? There is a huge selection of games in all types to play solo! Want to have some competition but not a real person? There are many games that you can play against a computer! Feeling social today? There are many you can play with other real people out there, just like you! (And maybe a few who aren’t. lol) And in those games, there is a chat feature (that can vary by game as to how much chatting can be done).

Becoming a member is easy and free, just go to www.royalgames.com , at the top, Register a New Account, put in some simple info (user name, password, birthday, your country) and I do believe that’s it!



Game ConsoleOh, here’s one for you… do you have an old gaming console gathering dust or tucked away in the closet? Get it out and hook it up! You will probably be amazed how you forgot how much fun those games are! And it would definitely be a bonus if one of your kids or your grandchildren want to play with you!



The point is, do NOT let your mind go idle. Keep your mind active! It’s ok to watch a tv show once in a while, but don’t let yourself get into a funk and turn into a tv junkie!


I am one to say get outdoors and get active! But let’s be real, the weather is not always agreeable with that, it could be raining, snowing or too sweltering hot, just making you to really need stay indoors. Just remember, there is so much more to do indoors besides watch TV.


And as a reminder, don’t get hung onto the computer too long at a time, either. Shucks, actually, that applies to almost everything. No matter what you are doing, you always need to take regular break intervals and do something else for a little while!


Physical activity is extremely important! Remember, mental activity is important, as well!


Now, let’s get our brains into gear and start thinking of what we can do next! 🙂


Oh, thinking you’ve worked your brain enough that you need to give it a break and do something fun?? Well then, Let’s Get Jiggy! 🙂


Patty Mc

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