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Please, let me make this clear and out in the open. I am NOT a doctor, nor a physical therapist. I am a normal, regular person just like you. I have done my own, personal studies on the subject and I have had experiences with physical therapists, but none of those make me an expert. But I AM knowledgeable on the subject, at least to a degree. I try hard to only suggest what I truly feel is safe and works. And the most, if not all, of everything I suggest are things I do myself.


As I state in “First Things First!”, one should ALWAYS consult a doctor before beginning any exercise program. Mine is no different. I cannot make promises of success, nor can I make any guarantees of anything. I cannot be held responsible for any risks. We are all adults here, so you accept any recommendations on this site at your own risk. And if you are NOT an adult, you need to have your parent/guardian consent.


Everything I suggest here is out of the goodness of my heart, to share what works for me and hope that maybe you can find something that helps you.


With that being said, as the owner of this website, I have tracked down some products and services that you may like. Although I have not tried every single product personally, I do my best to review the company and a variety of their products. Only those that I feel are worthy, I put on this website to share with you. I may receive a commission on these products, but it does not, in any way, affect the price that you, the buyer, pays, and in return, you get a great deal. Win-win! details


I wish success for you, if you use any of my recommendations or find some elsewhere. I would just be happy for everyone to feel better.


And speaking of that, if you DO find something elsewhere that works for you, if you would like, feel free to share it with everyone in the comments section or you can send me an email at  🙂


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