Maybe I need to add a medical post?

Wow, since I have gotten a doctor whom I consider MY doctor, that I have previously mentioned that he is putting me thru the works, I’m starting to think I maybe need to add a medical post/thread in here somewhere.


Since I have found him, I do have much to be thankful for. He found a malignant tumor in my leg, that I am much thankful for him catching, because I probably never would have, that is until my leg started shriveling up and falling off…lol Yea, exaggeration, because it doesn’t happen like that. It just would have spread and I would have found myself in dire straits, at best… if not, dead. Also, my doctor is clearing up a lot of worries that I’ve previous had, like am I REALLY still healthy, even at my age?? What is my blood pressure like?? Am I at risk for diabetes?? What about my cholesterol??


Yes, by getting yourself YOUR own doctor, you are entering a world of having “regular doctor visits”, “routine tests”, etc, etc. But you know what? As we get older, it really IS a necessity is taking care of ourselves. As much as I have enjoyed going 50 years with no regular doctor visits, no routine tests, just feeling like I’m on top of the world and I’ve got this… I found myself questioning some things, being reluctant to go to a doctor because “I just rough it through” and “yea, I’m tuff like that” and “I’ve got it”… well, comes a time we have to realize we don’t HAVE to be, nor SHOULD we. It’s still a bit of a big pill for me to swallow (figuratively speaking) to think I need to go into this grown up (gasp, old person??) world of medical care. But I do realize it’s rather stupid if I don’t.


Well, I’ve gone this long, right?? I mean, I saved lots of money from doctor visits, prescriptions and stuff, right? Well, is your life REALLY worth THAT GAMBLE?? Seriously, think on that. Me, I was just super lucky, blessed and super thankful. Knowing what I do now, I really don’t know that I would take that gamble again.


Granted, when you are young and healthy, you feel that way, “young and on top of the world”, you can conquer all. Now, there HAVE been times I seriously needed medical help when I was younger. I have had concussions (multiple). First time I was recklessly thrown into a windshield. Did nothing, just went home, but that wasn’t good, I was a teenager and didn’t want my parents to get upset. Then as a young adult on my own, I feel down some steps down a LONG flight, hitting my tailbone and head on each and every step. Yep, that was another of those concussions that I didn’t seek medical help for. The only concussion I did seek help was when I was taken to the ER (now called the ED) and had stitches put in my head. Oh yea, my brother took me to the hospital that time. If not, I probably would have bled out.  I almost died of pneumonia (in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks) thanks to my mom taking me because I wasn’t answering her phone calls, finding out later that if she hadn’t taken me, I would have died. Oh yea, and I believe I had a stroke, mini, but not sure because I was stupid enough not to seek medical help, but was thankful when I woke up and wasn’t dead. Oh then there was the time, I feel down some brick steps and messed up my leg, aka my “gimp leg” that I have now. No, no medical attention then either. Oh yea, and I won’t even go into detail about all of the heat strokes, sun strokes and convulsions resulting, that I didn’t seek medical help.


Gambling and taking chances is risky. But when it comes to our life, that’s serious. I mean, we only have ONE life. There is nothing left to gamble with, it’s all or game over. It’s NOT worth the gamble. And looking back? I’m one to take a chance when it’s worth it. But with my life?? No. I took more chances than I should have. But, I do say, don’t live life with regrets, never look back, just forward. So from here on out, I will try hard not to take chances with my life.


Should I maybe needs to add a medical post?? Maybe. 🙂






Patty Mc

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