Face Exercises!

open mouthWe work on our body, but what about our face? As time goes by, we may start to realize we are “growing”… what are they called…jowls? And what’s that? An extra chin! (ah, or two!) Gaak! Is there a thing as face exercises?? You bet! Some people call it face yoga! Whatever you want to call it, it comes down to the exact same thing, exercising your face!


Granted, how our face feels doesn’t affect how we “feel” so much as our back, legs or feet do. However, when we look in the mirror, however vain it may be, it does affect how we feel. We would love to look in the mirror and look to be more “toned”… more “youthful”. Ok, facing reality, we can’t do but so much, but if we CAN do something, don’t we WANT to?


Now, I’m not trying to sell any miracle face creams. Granted I’ve tried some, but never got any results (and some I even got NEGATIVE results). If I DO come across something that I think is good, I’ll pass that info along to  you. However, today is not that day. lol


I have come across a few face exercises, that to my surprise, actually DO make a difference! Nothing drastic, mind you (even though I would love it to be), it is still enough that is noticeable, even if just to me, and actually makes me FEEL better about how I look!


I do not remember where or how I came across these, it was quite some time ago. But that also means I have been doing them for quite a long while and have found them to be beneficial. How do I actually come to know this? I know when I do not do them for a while, when I look in the mirror, it shows! Just knowing that makes me want to be sure to include them in my daily routine!


You can do them anytime and anywhere and it only takes a couple/few minutes to do them. No biggie, just when you think about it, do them real quick. Or if you’re the kind of person who likes to schedule things, do them first thing in the morning, just before you go to bed, or when you’re waiting thru commercials of your favorite tv show.


Kiss the sky!

kiss the skyOk, you are sitting there, at the table, at your desk, in your recliner, whever you may be. You’re not sitting? Well, ok, then, it still works the same when you’re standing! Now, let’s just take a few moments, and sit/stand up straight. Let’s look up at the sky over your head (or ceiling, just whatever is right over your head). Now, pucker your lips and hold it for about 5 minutes. Now, relax. Repeat that about 4 more times.


If you follow my other exercises, you know I like to add an extension!

tongue yogaNow, do as similar as before… look up at the sky (or ceiling) as you did before. Now, stick your tongue out! Yea, that right. Stick your tongue out and hold it for 5 seconds. ok, now, pull it back in, lower your face back forward and relax.

Chin Out!

face exercise

Next, keeping your body still, turn  your head to your right (so that you’re looking directly to the side). Now, push your lower jaw outward (you’re doing it right if your lower lip extends out further than your upper lip). I know it may feel silly (and probably looks silly, too, lol) but it works. Hold that pose for 10 seconds. Then relax your chin.


Here comes the extension!

Still looking to your right, pucker your lips. Feel your neck getting taut? That’s good! Keep those lips puckered for 10 seconds. Then relax!


Now, face forward, then turn to your left. Repeat all of the above (including the extension) facing to your left. Think “balance”!


Make these part of your daily routine. Believe me, they really DO make a difference over time, not only in how you look, but also how you feel!


I know this was short, but think of it as sweet! These are my favorite of my face exercises. I will post the others soon. 🙂




Patty Mc

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