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I kinda felt a need to make a section just for real talk! You know, to express our desires, our frustrations, our accomplishments or just whatever comes to mind.

Please, feel free, if you have anything you want to add as to how YOU are feeling… please, leave your comment!


5/18/2019 ~ Today, I am gonna air-off about my good and bad days. Some days I feel really good, then there are others I can hardly move without extreme pain.

I have found the days I can hardly move, and I know I did one of two things. I either over-exerted myself yesterday or I realize I have neglected to do my regular workout routine. Seriously, it does make a difference. When I feel that way, I think to myself, “ok, what did I do yesterday?” When it’s pretty apparent that I majorly over-exerted myself physically yesterday, ok, that’s probably why and I need a day of rest. (This is the day to do one of the “Relax!” suggestions. Then there are other days, no, I can’t think of anything I out-did myself with, so I think… then I realize… ok, I haven’t done my exercises in a few days. That is when you will catch me doing some squats and stretches, neck exercises, everything I have time to put into a few minutes! Afterwards…hmm.. actually, I am feeling a bit better! Then that makes me want to do more! Bingo! I NEED to stick with my workout routine!

Today was one of those days. I woke up, I hurt worse all over than usual, and I wondered why. Yes, I DID over-exert myself for the last 3 days. Between assembling my new desk, which is a MAJOR project and I’m not done yet… gardening (can’t ignore my plants) and trying to keep my house together… ok, I over did it a bit, but it couldn’t be helped. We’ve all had those days. Then I wondered to myself, what can I do to feel better other than having a major lazy day? (Which was tempting, but I still had far too much to do to have one of those yet.) And it hit me, I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been exercising any. I may have been “busy”, but the movements aren’t the same. At that moment, I stopped what I was doing and I started doing some squats, leg lifts, leg stretches, leaning exercises (ooh… I haven’t put those on here yet, I really need to do so!) Once I did those, I felt invigorated and was ready to get to work! Ok, maybe a little reluctantly, but I was more ready for it than I was before! lol

So, really, just sayin’… when you are feeling out of sorts, think about it! 😉




  1. Hi, Patty! Can I count stopping by your blog and reading updates as exercise? I’m exercising my eye muscles, right? And my brain? I really like that you added this page to your blog. I’m leaving a comment so I’ll count that as hand exercises. Kidding aside, you are right. Consistent exercise really does feel good! I need to get back in the habit. I’ll start tomorrow! 🙂

    • Hi, Theresa! You are a hoot and a doll! lol And good, get back into the habit! And I’m glad you like this new page. I am a big advocate of keeping our mind and brain active and healthy. As much as I want to keep everything good, my brain (mind) is my favorite part I want to keep! 🙂

      You keep doing you, girl!! You’ve got this!! 🙂

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